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"In cartography, symbols are everything. The very nature of a map as an abstract representation of the Earth requires symbols to perform the abstraction. To not have symbols is to not have maps."

Dining symbolsThe Digital Wisdom cartographic symbol library provide graphic artists and mapmakers with a complete, well-designed contemporary set of map symbols packaged into an Illustrator vector library covering most of the features that need symbolizing on a map. Each library contains point, line and area symbols (including colors and patterns) which are fully editable and scalable.

The symbols EPS vector collection is highly adaptable and editable. Load the collection into Illustrator, select individual symbol or a group of symbols and edit those objects using the full array of Illustrator tools and effects to derive your own symbol variations.

The design of each and every symbol has been very carefully thought through to allow intuitive recognition of the main features of a map and use a minimal footprint to cut down on map clutter. These beautifully designed point, line and area symbols and color sets for both llustrator and Vector / EPS aplications, are compatible with their earlier versions wherever possible, but also recognizing that a higher level of cartographic presentation, quality and efficiency possible with Illustrator 10 should be a key feature. This allows the definition of points and symbols to a higher level, depicting the purpose and function of a wide range of activities, specifically geared towards tourism, travel, orientation, navigation and entertainment.

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Compatibility Issues:

Dining symbolsIn the Illustrator series, there is a real difference between versions 5-8 and 9. Also, there is a smaller (but significant) divide between 9 and 10 (the latter introduces the "Symbols palette" which is a natural format for a library of cartographic symbols).

Here are some compatibility conditions for using the Symbol Library in other programs:
- Illustrator 10: artwork, Symbols (point symbols), Styles (lines, areas)
- Illustrator 9: artwork, Styles palette is fine, but there is no Symbols palette
- Illustrator 8: artwork, there is no Symbols palette or Styles palette


Map Symbols was designed by Steven Gordon who is President of Cartagram, a custom cartography company specializing in tourism, terrain, city and world maps for use in all media. In addition to designing maps, Gordon creates logos and custom type. He is also coauthor of the Illustrator Wow! Book series published by Adobe Press.

Illustrator EPS Vector Map Symbols Illustrator EPS Vector Map Symbols Illustrator EPS Vector Map Symbols